This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health, of sound mind and free of physical defects as apparent to the naked eye.  The puppy is current on all prescribed vaccinations as stated in AAHA regulations. Purchse price of this puppy is $3500.00. We highly recommend that you visit your vet for a complete physical examination and approval of the puppy.

 **Copperfield's Goldens Does Not Pay Vet bills under any circumstance after the puppy leaves our possession.**

 NuVet Supplement & Extended Health Guaranty
The standard health replacement guarantee is six (12) months from pick-up date.
Continued supplementation of NuVet is highly suggested to help maintain healthy growth.  If supplementation of NuVet vitamins is followed for the health replacement guaranty term, the health replacement guarantee will be extended to twelve (24) months from pick-up date.  All orders of NuVet vitamins must be under order code 78759 for accountability by Copperfield's Goldens or the extension to twelve months is terminated.

 If NuVet is discontinued, then the health replacement guarantee will end 30 days later or at end of the extended warranty period, which ever come first.

AKC Registration
Copperfield's Goldens will provide the registration papers for the puppy with the American Kennel Club (AKC).  Registration of puppy is at the expense of the purchaser. Copperfield's Goldens is providing you with a PET quality dog and we will NOT guarantee the breeding ability of the puppy.  We are providing this puppy on a LIMITED registration.

Breeding Conditions and Restrictions
This puppy is being sold with the understanding that he/she is to purely be a pet and will NOT participate in any kind of breeding.  Within eighteen months of the pick-up date of this contract, the buyer will have this pet spayed or neutered and proof of such will be sent to Copperfield's Goldens.  Failure to abide by these stipulations could result in Copperfield's Goldens fining the owners $3,500.00 plus return of the puppy at the expense of Buyer along with all documentation.

Void of any of this portion of the contract will result in void of the entire contract and the returning of the puppy/dog to Copperfield's Goldens.

Health Replacement Guaranty
Copperfield's Goldens Health Guaranty warrants and guarantees that the puppy purchased is to be in good health, of sound mind and free of physical defects as apparent to the naked eye. Just like humans, statistically, there will be always be a certain number of dogs produced that may have problems -- this is the entire reason we screen for these disorders in our breeding stock - they exist in our breed. Hip dysplasia is a polygentic and enviornmental disease, which means it is produced by many factors. Puppies are born with perfect hips, and how you raise them play a role in their development. We cannot control how you raise your puppy after it leaves here. We have done our part in performing the recommended health clearances, therefore do not guarantee or warrantee for it.

**Health Guarantee Does not cover parasites such as coccidia.worms or any other parasite. ** Parasites are common in puppies and preventive medications are sent home with the puppy at the time of pick-up**

Buyer must also provide proof to Seller of shots, wormings, and annual checkup from a vet to be in accordance with the terms of this guarantee and for the guarantee to remain in effect.  The ENTIRE guarantee is null and void if you can not produce evidence of this care.  AKC paperwork will also have to be returned to Copperfield's Goldens.
First Right of Refusal
If at any time, the purchaser cannot or does not want to keep said puppy Copperfield's Goldens has the right to first refusal.  If first refusal is denied to Copperfield's Goldens, then Copperfield's Goldens has the right to demand the entire price of the puppy refunded by the purchaser back to Copperfield's Goldens plus a penalty $3500.00. The puppy must be in good health and you must provide proof of current shots, wormings, and rabies vaccines.  All AKC paperwork must also be signed over to Copperfield's Goldens.
This return offers NO financial obligation by Copperfield's Goldens to reimburse the Buyer for any or all expenses relating to the puppy.
Other Conditions and Restrictions
This dog will be kept at proper weight and never allowed to become obese. This dog will be given adequate and proper shade and housing.  The dog will also be given the correct amount of food and have water available at all times.  This dog shall in no manner be mistreated or neglected in any way.  The dog shall receive adequate and proper vet care and all inoculations must be maintained and up to date

If any of the principles listed in this contract are not followed then this contract is null and void.

These guarantees are non-transferable and applies to the original purchaser only. There is NO EXCEPTION to these policies.

Candace D. Warren

Purchase Contract