Please Read                           and fill out a                                                                   before calling or emailing about puppies. Deposits are accepted in order to reserve your selection in the litter. Our puppies are $2500 for a pet. We no longer ship our puppies. The deposit is $500 and the remainder is due on the puppy pick up date. No puppies will leave the premises until final payment is made in full. Pictures of all parents can be seen by using the links provided next to the litter announcement link. Pictures of puppies are updated weekly so please do not ask for extra pictures or videos of parents or puppies.

*All prices listed are final*

As our beautiful babies are born and grow we will update each litter page accordingly. Please complete a New Companion Questionnaire before submitting a deposit.As always your deposits/payments can be made by Cash, Cashiers Check, PayPal and Debit/Credit Card via our link below.

No Personal Checks will be accepted.

Puppy Pick Up- During the week prior to the puppy pick up date listed on the litter page we will inform all clients of his/her appointment date and time. There will be no appointments on Sundays as this day is reserved for family time.

 Visitation before pick up - We understand a new owner's desire to meet the parents and bond with their new companion as soon as possible. We have a strict policy with regards to pre-Vet visitation to try and maintain as safe an environment with regards to the health of the puppies. We DO NOT allow visitation with the puppies for six weeks after birth. They have a wellness exam/Vet Visit at 6 weeks of age and at this point we then allow visitation. We do allow you to come and visit with the parents prior to the birth of the litter, but have some specific guidelines for this as well. We require that an appointment be made prior to your visit. We ask that you not visit another kennel prior to visiting with us the day of your visit so that we can ensure our health standards are maintained. These standards are another way we work to ensure that when you do get your new companion home that they are as healthy as possible.
 We look forward to hearing from you with regards to your new adoption!!

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